Managed IT

Are you REACTING to your IT, instead of being Pro-Active?

You don’t wait until you break a limb to get Health insurance.

You don’t wait until your motor seizes to change the oil.


Then WHY do you wait until your business productivity and data are at risk before you make sure that your IT is running the way it is supposed to?

Some things require a Pro-Active approach, and IT is one of them…


Q: Does your heart start pounding when you hear the words “My computer has a problem” from a team  Member?

A: It doesn’t HAVE to! With a Managed IT Program that INCLUDES break/fix support, even if a computer breaks, your budget doesn’t!


Q: Are you tired of the “My computer is slow” complaint?

A: Included Routine system maintenance deals with the “behind the scenes” factors that slow a machine down, and highlight any possible additional hardware or software issues that need to be addressed.


Q: Do your employees wait until they get a virus before they tell you that their AV subscription is expired?

A: Antivirus status is included in the 24x7 monitoring, alerting us if updates are not being processed, and warning us before subscriptions expire


Q: Is Technology repair and spending part of your annual budget, or do you wait until your network or workstations need repairs, then hold your breath until the bill comes in?

A: Predictable IT service costs are just one of the benefits of having a monthly flat rate service program covering all of your machines.


Q: Do you lose valuable productivity waiting for a workstation, server or your network to be repaired or replaced when it stops functioning?

A: 24x7 analysis alerts us to impending failures or system down issues, so they can be repaired or replaced  before it becomes a problem


Q: Do your decision makers plan out equipment purchases for improving the business value of office IT, or just wait until something breaks and see if you can afford upgrades, or put off critical upgrades until the next budget cycle?

A: Quarterly business reports give a more accurate view of the technology atmosphere, allowing a think-ahead approach to keeping the entire environment up and running, as well as more simple things like when Antivirus upgrades will need to be purchased

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