We are proud of our history of being able to help clients gain control of their IT systems and budgets. But don't just take our word for it.

Here is what our clients have to say:


Urban Lumberjacks - Salinas, CA 

Since 2005, we have worked with Ryan and Crystal of L&M Computers, and have never had reason to look anywhere else for the management of our computer system. We are in a 160-year old building, in a very "un-urban" setting, with all the attendant problems.  But, no matter what we call for, Crystal answers, Ryan arrives, and things are just taken care of.  Ryan built and installed our new server, after capturing and loading all the data from the old server, and we couldn't be happier.  And, we are grateful to have their accessibility, professionalism and broad knowledge base on our team!

Mary Allen - Administrator ~ 4/11/13


Local Business - Salinas, CA

How many unauthorized programs are running on your server or workstations? On our first visit to a client’s office in Salinas, Ryan discovered that there were 5 different remote access programs installed on a workstation. After a short investigation, it was revealed that one of the office’s employees was using the remote access to clock-in while out on un-authorized extended lunches or when coming in late, costing the company unknown THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, not only in time paid/not worked, but also in productivity lost with a missing team member. The programs were promptly removed, and with the help of L&M Computers, the business is achieving better control over their network security, increasing their retained income, and ensuring their employees are where they say they are: taking care of clients. 

~ 8/5/13


J M Electric - Salinas, Ca

“At J M Electric, we have relied upon L & M Computers for the last 7-1/2 years for our computer and networking needs. We are a small business, and as such, we depend on an outside company to provide I.T. support. L & M’s expertise and responsiveness gives us that reliable service we need.

Not only does L& M take care of our unexpected emergencies, they are pro-active in recommending what will fit our future needs. We utilize many of L & M’s services including: scheduled system backups, network security, resolving software and hardware conflicts (which is essential for our accounting and sales programs), networking office equipment (printers, scanners, etc.), and regular equipment upgrades. All of these are done with friendly service and with minimal business interruption.

We would highly recommend L&M Computers to anyone looking for I.T. services.”

Chris Jensen – Owner ~ 7/1/13


Tondre Wines - Gonzales, CA

“I was first introduced to Ryan when he was working part time in High School. He began by helping people choose which computer system would work best for them, building it, training how to use, and further teaching people safe and efficient use of a computer. That was long before everyone had one. Ryan seemed always to be one step ahead and was already building a business before he was out of High School. That was almost 20 years ago and he is still a very trusted and reliable part of our team. His wife Crystal runs their office and is a valuable asset as well. They are very active in the community and are well thought of. He makes house calls and is very aware of not wasting time. In addition he is sensitive to the small budgets of small businesses. I would be hard pressed to replace either one of them.”

Penny Alarid - Owner ~ 6/25/13


 McMurray Advertising Production Service – Monterey, CA

“Over the past 13 years, Ryan Lesher of L&M Computers has been my I.T. Provider of choice. Based on a recommendation from a neighbor, I interviewed Ryan and immediately began utilizing his services. My needs were extensive due to the nature of my advertising agency business, and the need to have time sensitive material at my fingertips.

Ryan has consistantly provided the kind of quality service you expect from a professional. Ryan has always done his best to be prompt and attentive when called upon. The services I have received have included networking, computer part and system replacements, as well as virus/spyware removal, a few sepcialty concerns and system maintenance.

L&M Computers/Ryan Lesher was an easy choice for me when it came to a highly knowledgeable, honest, and reliable I.T. provider.”

Bud McMurray – Owner ~ 5/21/13